Balloon hoops and backdrops are popular decorative elements used for a variety of events and occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and corporate events. 

Balloons in your events theme are attached to a circular hoop​ in all different sizes and can be used as a backdrop or a walk through experience. 

Event backdrops are large, decorative panels or structures placed behind a focal point such as a stage, head table, or photo booth. They serve as a visually appealing backdrop for photographs, speeches, performances, or other event activities.

Hoops & Backdrops 
Questions & Concerns

How much do they cost?

Our Balloon Hoops & Backdrops can be fully customised to fit your partys theme. We can use any combination of color and add ons.

• Half hoop starts: $500 

• Full hoop starts: $625

• Backdrops start: $450

How long do they last?

Our Balloon Hoops & Backdrops can last for weeks when used indoors and well taken care of!

Do you deliver and install?

Yes! The price of the Hoops & Backdrops does not include delivery and install. Delivery and install cost will be calculated based on the distance from our shop.